When one of the UK's oldest and most highly respected terracotta companies, shaws of darwen, closed its architectural division to concentrate on their fireclay sink business, the opportunity arose for former employees to set up a new business and re-employ the very skilled craftspeople.


The Darwen Terracotta website is our CV to the world, showing the many impressive projects our team had previously completed whilst working at Shaws of Darwen.
We can now once again offer our experience and skill to the construction market.
It was really important that we could employ many of the team we have worked with for so many years. Apart from the friendships involved, the product is so specialised that we could not see the loss of these skills that Darwen has been famous for since the end of the 19th century.

The industry, including Architects and Contractors have been so very supportive, that it has been heartwarming and keeps alive the passion required to produce this high quality product.
— Jon Wilson, Darwen Terracotta Limited

What We Offer

The Manufacturing Process