A Visit to Manchester Art Gallery

A couple of weeks ago we visited the wonderful Manchester Art Gallery to see the newly refurbished design gallery, and explore their current exhibitions. The refurbished 19th century former Athenaeum theatre space was simply stunning and the perfect setting for the display of Modern Japanese Design. This exhibition looked into a variety of aspects of Japanese design including fashion, furniture, and an area we know all too well - ceramics. We particularly enjoyed the work by artist Yasuko Sakurai, who created exquisitely complex ceramic forms in sculptural, geometric shapes. Made by hand, these clean glazed creations captured the simple beauty of light and shadow, and showcased the material beautifully. There were some highly interesting and skillful pieces of work throughout the exhibition and the entire Art Gallery, and we would definitely recommend a visit.

Modern Japanese Design is running until 15 January 2017

To find out more visit >> http://manchesterartgallery.org/