Earlier this month we visited the Royal Academy of Arts to explore their exhibition Mavericks. This exhibition showcased twelve British architects who think outside of the box with design, breaking the mould of standard beautiful buildings. The wonderfully creative practice FAT who we were lucky to work with in the creation of A House For Essex were featured in this selected group, which we think is well deserved! The exhibition also displayed the exceptional work of the late Dame Zaha Hadid, who undoubtedly broke many barriers within architecture; becoming renowned worldwide for her unique designs and love for fragmented geometry and dramatic curves.

Mavericks is a small installation running on the walls in The Architecture Space and Gallery Café. The colourful circles surrounding the walls provides information of each practice and abstract pictures of their work. Although this is quite a subtle display it was very enjoyable to walk around and learn small snippets of the chosen mavericks, and how they have changed British architecture today. A book created for the exhibition however is also available to read to discover more in depth details and design methods behind these great talents. A book we would definitely recommend.